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Ken Siems is an internationally recognised turfgrass specialist with over 40 years’ experience at the top end of the global golf industry, including Augusta National in the USA, Loch Lomond GC in Scotland and Pestovo GC in Russia. 

His consultancy business, Siems Turfgrass Limited, provides site-specific golf course management consulting tailored to support clients in improving all aspects of their golf course maintenance, from improved budget management to course construction and renovation.

A graduate of the world renowned Turfgrass Management Programme at Pennsylvania State University, Ken’s journey in golf has led him to work in some of the most challenging conditions possible, from extreme rainfall, to extreme heat, ice and snow – sometimes all in the one day!  Despite what nature has thrown at him, his passion for managing turfgrass has never wavered and he has consistently delivered and exceeded owner/client expectations throughout his career. His extensive knowledge and experience gives him an enviable ability to determine the appropriate course of action for any site specific challenge.

Ken is a Certified Golf Course Superintendent with the GCSAA and also Master Greenkeeper with BIGGA, one of very few in the world to hold both certifications.

Ken previously held the position of Golf Course Superintendent/Director of Agronomy at several golf courses and projects worldwide, most notably, Islington GC (Canada), East Sussex National GC (England), Loch Lomond GC (Scotland), Jinhai Lake GC (China) and Pestovo GC (Russia). 

He also spent time in the UAE honing his golf course construction skills where, as Construction Project Manager for Tanto International Golf, he was responsible for projects including the construction of Dubai Golf City, Yas Links and Meydan.

Originally from Canada, Ken and his family reside in Scotland, where, on the odd occasion that he’s not travelling for work, he enjoys a game of golf and cheering on the Scottish rugby team.


While a passion for turfgrass is one thing, a level of business acumen is essential and from his early years at Augusta National, the importance of minimizing waste and maximizing assets has been at the forefront of Ken’s mind. 

This solid grounding in the ‘business’ of turfgrass management, helped Ken to develop strong budget management skills and an ability to make the most of the funds available, whether on labour, fertilisers, pesticides or machinery R&M.  His analytical mind can determine how best to achieve considerable savings on expense items through smart purchasing, visualization and detailed time in motion analysis.

“The most important thing I learned during my working days at Augusta National was less about turf management than it was about financial management –  they do not waste money, everything they do is very calculated and based on getting the best value for every dollar they spend.” 

Aside from the sharp end, Ken enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences and is a much sought after industry speaker, having addressed audiences in the USA, Canada, Dubai, Portugal, France, China, Holland and throughout the UK.

Ken also takes great pride in training and mentoring the teams he has worked with and to date has trained over 26 staff to go on to become highly respected course managers in their own right.


Greens reconstruction at Loch Lomond GC

Extensive drainage programme  – LLGC, Dundonald Links, Pestovo GC

Full golf course construction, East Sussex National, Jinhai Lake, Dubai Golf City, Yas Links

Full bunker renovation – Pestovo GC

Tournament Preparation – 11 Scottish Open Golf Championships, Solheim Cup in 2000,  Motorola Classic

Developed & implemented major environmental programme at Loch Lomond GC which resulted in the club gaining full Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary status – one of only 2 golf courses in Europe to achieve this recognition.